Central PA’s First VegFest Was a Huge Success!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is famous for its Amish citizens and its farmland. With that comes a reverence for small-scale farming and a sort of deliberate forgetfulness about how farmed animals are actually treated. Growing up in Lancaster, it felt like a small town, in that everyone knew everyone and everyone that lived in Lancaster was born… Read more »

Olde York Street Fair

We attended our very first Mother’s Day street fair and it was a great success for the animals! We had our first sunny day in weeks and it was absolutely perfect out. It was so nice out that thousands of people attended this year, which is great since in recent years attendance had been dropping…. Read more »

Earth Day – Go Green in the City

Earth day, the one day of the year where people across the globe celebrate the protecting of a planet no one is actually protecting. People bang out a shower, throw on green and go to work. There they may, in light conversation, have short chat about how things really do need to change and how… Read more »

Jackson Street Cats

Helping animals is extremely rewarding, but can be rough and isn’t for everyone, especially those who don’t realize how much heartache is involved. When I first started fostering kittens, I became attached to one of a litter of three. He was the cuddliest and the runt so he was very small and adorable. My heart… Read more »

Amanda Clark’s Sanctuary Project

In the green, sunny meadow, Amanda Clark kneels and readies her camera.  She will attempt to capture a perfect moment, if it presents itself. Thirty feet away, a female cow is turned away from Amanda, her brown and white spots catching the sun’s rays like mocha flax. As beautiful as the cow’s coat is, Amanda is waiting… Read more »

Harrisburg Veg-Friendly Spot – The Vegetable Hunter

We recently ventured to The Vegetable Hunter – what was known as Crave & Co.- on 2nd Street in Harrisburg to try out their vegan options and test their new brews. We were met with delicious, healthy food and some tasty beverages! All around, The Vegetable Hunter is a cozy neighborhood joint that boasts fresh,… Read more »

Pig among wild flowers

How I Became An Animal Activist

The first protest I participated in was at the Ringling Brother’s Circus where we stood up against the unnecessary harm and confinement of the animals used for entertainment. I saw videos online of how the trainers punish the elephants with bullhooks and whips if they were to do the tricks incorrectly or not comply to… Read more »


Season’s greetings! Let’s compare…

Galgos. Most people don’t know what these animals are and have never heard of them. They are animals in Spain that are used for hunting. The process of breeding, training and using them is egregious. They are bred by breeders in large numbers, with no regulations. The hunters go to these breeders and pick out… Read more »

Kapparot Protest

An age old animal sacrifice continues… Kapparot

It is once again the time of year when tens of thousands of innocent beings are killed in the streets for tradition. The Kapparot, a customary Jewish atonement ritual, is set to begin the weekend of October 8th in preparation for Yum Kippur. It is a ritual involving chickens that are used as sacrifices to… Read more »