We are striving to create a compassionate and loving world for all living creatures through the following activities.

Grassroots Outreach at local events

We set up booths at community events throughout south-central PA, such as Lancaster VegFest, Go Green in the City, and Jubilee Day to give away free vegan food, distribute educational literature, and have thought-provoking conversations with attendees.

Spreading Information

We get the word out about veganism and compassion towards animals by sending out informative emails, curating food & restaurant recommendations, uploading blog posts by local authors, and creating our own regional vegan guide.

Serving Others

We volunteer regularly at local animal sanctuaries, often building fences, digging holes, our hauling animal stuffs, and organized relief drives with a vegan twist, including all-vegan care packages for those experiencing homelessness for human-related service!

Awareness Raising

We work with our friends at Humane Action Pittsburgh to raise awareness of issues facing animals to local politicians through respectful and coordinated communications. We also raise shine the light on local veg people through our podcast, The Be Kind Podcast.

Special Projects

Occasionally, we organize special projects to spread compassion in unique ways. Past projects include 30-day vegan challenges, billboard campaigns, and outreach training workshops.

To learn how you can get involved, contact us here!