Joseph Kirkenir

Director of Development and Communications, YMCA of the Roses

Favorite Food: Apples!
Dream Destination: Long Beach Island

Past President

Adrienne Williams

Project Manager, Williams Architects

Favorite Food: Fresh Pesto
Dream Destination: Ireland & Scotland

Vice President of Outreach

Melissa Henry

Sr. Relationship Banker, M&T Bank

Favorite Food: Mexican and brunch food
Dream Destination: Maldives & Greece



Vice President of Internal Affairs

Courtney Miller

Financial Analyst

Favorite Food: Pizza and Burritos
Dream Destination: Australia



Dietrich Dellinger

Systems and security administrator for an IT outsourcing company

Favorite Food: Thai
Dream Destination: He has no idea


Joseph Sites

Website Developer/Designer

Favorite Food: Korean noodle dishes
Dream Destination: Ireland, Germany, or South Korea


Kim Lehman

Behavior specialist

Favorite Food: Tofu Scramble & Hash Browns
Dream Destination: Australia


John Beck

Sound Engineer/Events Coordinator

Favorite Food: Pasta
Dream Destination: Canada or somewhere else cold with tons of vegan food

Director of Community Engagement

Seth Dellinger

E-commerce Manager

Favorite Food: Oatmeal
Dream Destination: Australia

Roxie Millan

Client Support Coordinator

Favorite Food: Potatoes
Dream Destination: Irkutsk, Russia


Amy Schuler

Behavior Therapist 

Favorite Food: Concord Grape soft serve from Vegan Treats
Dream Destination: Vienna, or anyplace but home