As of January 2018, the book club, which met in York monthly, is on hiatus. A new book club is set to meet in the Towson/Baltimore area soon. We will keep you updated. 

Check out the books we have read over the last 2 years below!

Previous Book Club Selections

Below is the list of the books we have previously read for book club meetings.

How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach

In this thought-provoking book, Tobias Leenaert leaves well-trodden animal advocacy paths and takes a fresh look at the strategies, objectives, and communication of the vegan and animal rights movement. He argues that, given our present situation, with entire societies dependent on using animals, we need a very pragmatic approach. How to Create a Vegan World contains many valuable ideas and insights for both budding advocates for animals and seasoned activists, organizational leaders, and even entrepreneurs.

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The Cheese Trap

We've been told that dairy does a body good, but the truth is that cheese can be dangerous. Loaded with calories, fat, and cholesterol, cheese can make you gain weight and leads to a host of health problems like high blood pressure and arthritis. Worse, it contains mild opiates that make it additive, triggering the same brain receptors as heroin and morphine. In THE CHEESE TRAP, Dr. Neal Barnard presents a comprehensive program to help readers break free of their cheese addiction so they can lose weight, boost energy, and improve their overall health.

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The Skeptical Vegan

Part confession and part survival guide, The Skeptical Vegan explains how simple it really is to be vegan, covering topics from food and nutrition to social challenges and lifestyle. Snarky, witty, and opinionated to a fault, Lindstrom speaks as a male vegan, contesting the notion that “real men” should only eat meat. With twenty original “veganized” recipes including portobello steaks, carrot hot dogs, tofu wings, “meaty” chili, and cauliflower bites (which helped him shed thirty pounds), Lindstrom demonstrates how to take control of your diet while still eating “meatily” and taking into account the ethical considerations of living a better life for the animals, the environment, and yourself.

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Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

What separates your mind from an animal's? Maybe you think it's your ability to design tools, your sense of self, or your grasp of past and future--all traits that have helped us define ourselves as the planet's preeminent species. But in recent decades, these claims have eroded, or even been disproven outright, by a revolution in the study of animal cognition

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How Not To Die Front Cover

How Not to Die

From the physician behind the wildly popular website, How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death.
The vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

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What a Fish Knows Front Cover

What a Fish Knows

“Makes a persuasive case that what fish know is quite a lot.” —Elizabeth Kolbert, The New York Review of Books
There are more than thirty thousand species of fish—more than mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians combined.

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Plant-Powered Men Front Cover

Plant-Powered Men

Plant-powered Men is a collection of interviews and papers written by men from around the world who are passionate about living a plant-powered lifestyle.
This book is for anyone who wants to increase their strength, endurance, performance and energy.

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Jerry's Vegan Women Front Cover

Jerry's Vegan Women

Jerry's Vegan Women is a fun, poignant, and occasionally steamy collection of fictional stories that follows the adventures of Jerry Zuckerman as he makes his way through the shelters, sanctuaries, and bedrooms of an eclectic assortment of vegan women.

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Ethics in the Real World Front Cover

Ethics in the Real World

Peter Singer is often described as the world's most influential philosopher. He is also one of its most controversial. The author of important books such as Animal Liberation, Practical Ethics, Rethinking Life and Death, and The Life You Can Save, he helped launch the animal rights and effective altruism movements and contributed to the…

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Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World

Curious about veganism? Want to be a vegan? Already a vegan? Just wondering how to be vegan without going insane? In this informative and practical guide on veganism, two seasoned vegans help you love your inner vegan freak. Loaded with tips, advice, stories, and comprehensive lists of resources that no vegan should live without, this book is key to helping you thrive as a happy, healthy, and sane vegan in a decidedly non-vegan world. In this sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent, and sometimes serious guide that's not afraid to tell it like it is, new, long-time, and potential vegans will find: -how to go vegan in 3 weeks or less using the "cold tofu" program; -the arguments for ethical veganism; -how to get along with friends, family, and others, including other vegetarians; -tons of useful and practical tips for surviving the grocery store, restaurants, and dinners with omnivores; -how to respond when people ask you if you "like live on apples and twigs."

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The Vegetarian

A disturbing, yet beautifully composed narrative told in three parts, The Vegetarian is an allegorical novel about modern day South Korea, but also a story of obsession, choice, and our faltering attempts to understand others, from one imprisoned body to another.

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Project Animal Farm

Lively and heartfelt, Sonia takes readers on an unforgettable adventure from top-secret egg warehouses in Canada to dairy feedlots in the United States, from farm offices in Mexico to lush pastures in Belize, from flocks of village chickens in Indonesia to factory farms in Malaysia.

Revelatory in scope, Project Animal Farm illuminates a hidden world that plays a part in all of our lives.

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This Cheese is Nuts!

A cookbook filled with *advanced* nut-based cheeses. Amazing photography and delicious recipes!

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