We are the Animal Advocates of South Central PA and our mission is to spread compassion for animals in a peaceful and respectful way.

We believe change comes from an understanding and a willingness to do better. We promote non-violence and kindness to ALL beings (humans and animals alike).


The Animal Advocates of South Central PA was formed in late 2014 and functioned unofficially until 2017 when we obtained official nonprofit status. We have board members and volunteers from York, Harrisburg, Lancaster and the surrounding areas.


Wew advocate for the animals however we can all year long through the following activities.

– Grassroots outreach at local events to engage non-veg folks
– Spreading information on veganism through our digital channels
– Organizing events to bring local veg-minded people together
– Volunteer days at local sanctuaries and veg-friendly places
– Informing local politicians of ways to help the animals

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While we love all animals and do our best to help them, we are not an animal sanctuary or rescue so please don’t reach out asking us for direct care of any animals. Please check out this page for local sanctuaries instead.

However, if you need help locating an owner, resuce, or shelter or just have general questions, please contact us so we can help.

We also do not actively engage in organized protests. On occassion, we will support local movements and raise awareness of campaigns, but we do not typically lead demonstrations or similar activities, such as vigils, boycotts, and sit-ins.


Our main focus is doing outreach tailored to our volunteers’ unique strengths and normalizing compassion towards all animals by helping build the local veg community.

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Email info@animaladvocatesscpa.com or fill out this form with any questions, comments, or concerns!