Jackson Street Cats

Helping animals is extremely rewarding, but can be rough and isn’t for everyone, especially those who don’t realize how much heartache is involved. When I first started fostering kittens, I became attached to one of a litter of three. He was the cuddliest and the runt so he was very small and adorable. My heart… Read more »

Harrisburg Veg-Friendly Spot – The Vegetable Hunter

We recently ventured to The Vegetable Hunter – what was known as Crave & Co.- on 2nd Street in Harrisburg to try out their vegan options and test their new brews. We were met with delicious, healthy food and some tasty beverages! All around, The Vegetable Hunter is a cozy neighborhood joint that boasts fresh,… Read more »

Pig among wild flowers

How I Became An Animal Activist

The first protest I participated in was at the Ringling Brother’s Circus where we stood up against the unnecessary harm and confinement of the animals used for entertainment. I saw videos online of how the trainers punish the elephants with bullhooks and whips if they were to do the tricks incorrectly or not comply to… Read more »

Kapparot Protest

An age old animal sacrifice continues… Kapparot

It is once again the time of year when tens of thousands of innocent beings are killed in the streets for tradition. The Kapparot, a customary Jewish atonement ritual, is set to begin the weekend of October 8th in preparation for Yum Kippur. It is a ritual involving chickens that are used as sacrifices to… Read more »

Food vs. Medicine

Let Food Be Thy Medicine…

VgIn my professional life, I help people connect with their most deeply held values and their most compelling long-term goals, and then hold them accountable to do the work it takes to reach those. During our meetings, I often ask what’s most important to them, and almost always, their health is a top answer (after family). That prompts… Read more »

Honey Bee

Why Vegans Don’t eat Honey (and why you shouldn’t either)

It is important to first recognize what veganism is actually about. The point of being a vegan is to not partake in the unnecessary use/abuse of animals(and sometimes insects) for our[human] benefits. This includes, but is not limited to: not eating animals or animals products, not using products that test on animals,  and not wearing… Read more »