Poetry by Savannah Conley

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Savannah is a vegan teen living in York County. She shares with you some of her written words about nature and animal suffering.


A walk in the woods,
So peaceful, so nice.
The birds hum their melodies of life,
An ancient tune waiting to be discovered.
The nice raindrops fall through the clear air, pitter pattering on the light green leaves.
This old forest, oh! – So many secrets lie hidden here, a memory of beauty long ago.
But in these placid woods lies a bottle,
A sure sign that this place has been adulterated by the diseased touch of us humans.


Let now it go,
Or I will be
Forever sorrowed
By your grief.
When the wind shall pass,
And the dust be settled,
Then I will remember pain
Innocent eyes
A dusty coal black
Laying in a mother’s soul
Wept out on the concrete floor.
Clanks and chimes sound above,
Not from heaven, they are from Hell.
Rusty hues paint my ears
Ache their silent screams.
Suffering unheard,
Suffering untold.


As I gaze into your eyes,
mellow-sweet with love,
just one thought runs through me.
I anger at the injustices you have faced.
I anger at the beliefs of mankind.
I anger at myself that I could not have sooner helped you.
Sorrow exists within our bones,
a feeling that many have not yet discovered. Anger is what masks the sorrow,
Both inflicting you with deep wounds.
Your pink skin, bristly hair, soulful eyes,
all that makes you you,
all that haunts my soul.
I am sorry for not listening sooner,
ring in my ears your piercing cries.
For your mercy, I now beg.

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