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VgIn my professional life, I help people connect with their most deeply held values and their most
compelling long-term goals, and then hold them accountable to do the work it takes to reach those. During our meetings, I often ask what’s most important to them, and almost always, their health is a top answer (after family). That prompts the next question: What are you doing every day to live with optimal health? As you might expect, many admit that they could eat better, or exercise more. How many of you would answer the same way?

I know many recreational athletes – runners, triathletes, tennis players – and almost all of them would say the same… ”I could do more.” The great news is that you don’t really have to do that much more to dramatically improve your health! In fact, you have to do just a little bit less. By less, I mean take in less.

What if one of the easiest ways to improve your health was to omit 2 ingredients from your life? And what if you didn’t have to give up a bit of flavor, enjoyment or variety to do it? And what if there were incredible support systems available to you if you decided to make this shift?

Picture this: You’re a normal human being, you carry around 5, 10 or 20 extra pounds. Your doctor
tells you that your cholesterol is “fine” but she’ll start monitoring it, and maybe in a couple of years
she’ll prescribe something – not yet though since it’s just starting to be worrisome. Your blood pressure is high normal – let’s give it a number: 141/85 – so you’re not really “high” but getting there. Another key number to follow, your doc says. Maybe we’ll start you on a low dose of cholesterol medication… just to be sure.

But you’re kind of healthy – and you don’t really want to start those meds yet. What can you do? You can eliminate 2 ingredients and everything will improve. In fact, it’ll improve so fast that you’ll think something else is wrong. And you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. You could return to your doctor in 30 days and she’ll think you’re a miracle worker.

Are you up for that? Is your health really important to you? Do you want to avoid all of the top causes of death that plague Americans (heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and COPD)?

Here are the two ingredients to get rid of…

MEAT and DAIRY. (Eggs are implicitly included in meat.) Yes they’re in the dairy case, but can you tell me why? I certainly don’t know! They’re not milk, cheese or other derivatives of those! I call them pre-meat. They pack so much saturated fat and cholesterol that egg producers are not allowed to call them healthy, a protein rich food, nutritional, or good for you! It’s actually ILLEGAL for them to relate any of those phrases to eggs.

That’s it! You can eat every other food available on the planet, and you’ll significantly improve your
health. I did it, and I have the numbers to prove it. You can do it too. You can have: FRUITS, VEGETABLES, GRAINS, NUTS, SEEDS, BERRIES, LEGUMES (BEANS). The larger variety of these that you eat, the better your overall health will be. Just making this simple shift will have huge benefits more quickly than you can imagine!

Some of you may find this change scary or overwhelming. If you’re serious about making smart choices about your health, we know how to help. Email the Animal Advocates at info@animaladvocatesspca.com for resources and advice!

While this is a blog post/opinion piece, much of the factual data is well-documented through peer-
reviewed medical journal studies. One video that contains all of the info can be found here.

-Lou Leyes

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