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The past year has changed so many things, but one thing remains as true today as it has ever been: Too many animals are needlessly suffering and dying. I don’t want to dwell on the devastating statistics about the numbers of animals killed every second. You can do a quick Google search and find more than enough depressing information. For vegans and veg-curious individuals, every meal can reinforce the importance of a vegan ethic.

What I do want to focus on is how, even during the darkest of times, Compassion Continues. During a year when everyone was pushed to their mental, emotional, and sometimes physical limits, we saw society make big strides towards a vegan world. Beyond Burgers are becoming staples on menus, people are shunning pet breeders, and fur is increasingly seen as a harmful and needless luxury, but there’s still work that needs to be done.

So many members of our community here in South Central PA are primed and ready to embrace a vegan lifestyle. All they need is for someone like you to push them over the edge. This is why we at the Animal Advocates are excited to share our plans for spreading love to all living creatures with the Compassion Continues campaign and hope you will consider joining us. While we will be doing whatever we can to make sure all living creatures are loved and respected, we will be focusing on these main three pillars: Creating Compassion, Creating Community, and Creating Change.

Creating Compassion

Vegan Food Distributions – We can help people and animals at the same time by walking alongside people in need as they travel their own paths towards veganism. We’re planning to partner with local grassroots organizations to distribute vegan food to those who are struggling to make ends meet so that they can have an ethical meal and explore new food options.

Volunteer Work at Farmed Animal Sanctuaries – Farmed animal sanctuaries have been especially hurt by recent events. Government relief and donations are often going towards movements that help people, leaving our nonhuman neighbors in dire positions, so we’re rallying our volunteers to go out to local farmed animal sanctuaries to help however we can!

Helping Nonhuman Animals – We’re constantly working to directly help nonhuman animals, whether it’s providing opportunities for people to volunteer at local sanctuaries, offering advice to those who need help, or lending a hand to ensure our fellow living beings are safe. There are countless ways to stand with creatures of all shapes and sizes as we navigate this crazy world!

Creating Community

Connecting Animal Lovers – We have several initiatives in the works to connect animal lovers, vegan or otherwise, over mutual interests, thereby expanding our vegan circles and exposing receptive individuals to veganism. We’ve been coordinating hikes, walks, disc golf games, and more, with future events coming up…so stay tuned!

Working with the Community – All our projects cost money, so anyone can be a part of this campaign by simply donating to the Animal Advocates. We’re crafting a strategy and team to engage the greater central PA community so that everyone has a chance to contribute to this life-saving work.

Local Partnerships – There are so many amazing people and businesses in our area looking to work with us to promote compassionate living! We plan to collaborate with them to not only support local vegan-friendly people, but also show the community at large how amazing our vegan family is!

Creating Change

Marketing Campaign – A few years ago, we created the bekindpa billboard campaign, which showed thousands of people the consequences of their animal exploitation and led hundreds of people to make a firm commitment to veganism. We’re preparing to launch another campaign this summer so keep an eye out for thought-provoking advertisements!

The Be Kind Podcast – Last year, we focused on developing our podcast and are proud to report we have released over 50 episodes that have been listened to almost 2,000 times! We’ve had guests from all backgrounds who have shared amazing insights into the vegan movement. We have big plans for the podcast so keep on listening!

Political Advocacy – To change the systems that are exploiting our nonhuman animal friends, we need to change the laws and policies surrounding animal exploitation. We’re researching local policy issues and coordinating grassroots campaigns to reach legislators, so we can make big changes to how society operates.

So, dear reader, I’d like to extend an invitation to join us in this campaign, starting Friday, May 7th for our Give Local York fundraiser. There are so many ways to get involved with our organization, so I’m confident that you can find your calling. The world may seem dark and hopeless at times, but, thanks to the hard work of our team at AASCPA and you, we will make sure that, no matter what, Compassion Continues!  DONATE HERE 🙂


Joe Kirkenir is the Animal Advocates of South Central PA’s Director of Operations and has been with the organization since its official inception in 2016. He started practicing a vegan lifestyle to detox after a crazy college experience, but stuck with it because he came to believe in the value of all living creatures. When not volunteering for AASCPA, he runs way too far, reads way too much, and works way too hard for the YMCA.

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