3 Ways to Enjoy Animals Without Contributing to Their Exploitation

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Many people are able to say that they have visited a zoo before, especially children. I even remember visiting zoos in my youth. I always thought that zoos were so much fun since I got to see all of the cute animals. What I should have been thinking about is how the animals felt living in a zoo. I could not imagine being in a cage for my whole life, especially if I did not commit a crime. I would not want to be watched, laughed at, and bothered all day, every day, with nowhere to escape the noise. Once I realized how inhumane zoos are, I decided that I never wanted to visit one again, so I am making a list of ways to have fun with animals without causing harm.

National Parks

Image result for groundhog forest

Groundhogs can be found scurrying across the ground in many wooded areas.

Almost everyone has heard of Yellowstone National Park with the huge geysers, hot springs, and forests. Yellowstone also happens to be a fantastic habitat for wildlife including, but not limited to, bears, elk, bison, and wolves. While visiting Yellowstone, or another national park, you can observe creatures of nature in their native habitat. You can learn more from watching their behaviors in a natural setting rather than a man made enclosure. Just be careful not to get too close, or you may disturb them!

Animal Sanctuaries

Image result for whispering rise animal sanctuary

This picture is from the local Animal Sanctuary Whispering Rise!

Animal sanctuaries are another great place to visit if you want an educational and cruelty-free encounter with animals. In some sanctuaries, animals, both wild and domestic, live until they are rehabilitated and released back into the wild, or, for domesticated animals, adopted. Some sanctuaries, such as Whispering Rise Farm & Animal Sanctuary, lets visitors get up close and personal with the animals who call the sanctuary their home. Whispering Rise rescues pot-bellied pigs who are most often surrendered by people who cannot take care of them because they get too big. The pigs can then live happily until they are adopted by a loving family or stay at the sanctuary indefinitely. You can visit on certain days to meet all of the pigs, who happen to be adorable and love to have their bellies scratched.


Image result for beach pictures animals

There are hidden animal friends just waiting to be discovered everywhere!

Visiting the beach is another fabulous way to enjoy yourself while observing animals. If you go to a beach or bay, you just may spot some horseshoe crabs, dolphins, sand crabs, seagulls, hermit crabs, clams, or even sharks! If you had some extra money or a boat, you can ride out to sea to go whale watching. Who knows what amazing animals you may see floating atop the waves. Just remember to pack sunscreen!


Why would you even want to go to a zoo with all of these awesome, humane alternatives? I know I do not ever want to go back to a zoo. Even though skipping the zoo may not seem to help animals, it does. It takes many small actions overtime to accomplish something big, which can start with you.

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