2020 Update: Jackson St. Project will continue this year as much as we are able. As spring approaches and kittens are born, we will work to try to find homes for them while getting the older cats spayed and neutered.

The Jackson St. Project is a Trap/Neuter/Release program that focuses on the immediate area around West Jackson Street in York, PA – near York College.

We first TNR’ed Rubsit in the summer of 2017 but once it got cold we figured he was a prime candidate to be rehabilitated and potentially adopted since he is so sweet and friendly. It took a few months, but he has since been adopted!

We set humane traps at specifically targeted areas. When we catch cats in them we take the cats down to Animal Rescue Inc. (ARI) in New Freedom or the York County SPCA where they stay until clinic night. The cats get rabies vaccinations, spayed (females) or neutered (males) and ear tipped. Ear tipping is a common sign that feral cats have been fixed.

Once the cats are healed – normally males go back the day after and females stay at the rescue for a week – we take them back to where we found them to return them to their home. To learn more about T/N/R, please check out Alley Cat Allies website.

When we find kittens we rehab them by putting them into foster care until they are at least 12 weeks old. During their time in foster they receive all of their shots, spay/neuter and are dewormed. At 12 weeks they are available for adoption! If you would like to foster, please contact Animal Rescue Inc.

It takes time, energy and money to make this program a success. Our goal is to spay and neuter all of the feral cats living around Jackson Street. It is hard to estimate the exact number of cats but a very general number is somewhere around 50. Some randomly show up out of nowhere, others are obviously abandoned by their humans, and others were born to feral mothers in the area.

We are all volunteers and do not get paid. We are doing this work purely to help the neighborhood and keep the feral cat population under control.

How Can You Help?

Please send cash or check to:

Animal Rescue, Inc.
2 Heritage Farm Dr.
New Freedom, PA 17349
Write “Jackson St. Cat Project” in the memo.
Any donation is extremely helpful! Thank you!

Jackson Street Cat Donations

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Donation Total: $5

Number of cats and kittens we have helped on West Jackson St & the surrounding area: 50+ we lost count!

Here’s are some of the kitties! Click to enlarge photos.